Maneno Ya Mashabiki: The Revolutionary Revelation

By: voturadio
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Maneno Ya Mashabiki: The Revolutionary Revelation

Nikki Mbishi’s ‘Maneno ya Mashabiki” from the album Sam Magoli has an almost tangible, and perhaps
even a conquering air surrounding it. From the slow-flowing beats to the free-flowing not-so-raspy yet
firm voice, the song instantly captures attention from the start.
Who is Nikki Mbishi referring to? That’s probably the question on everyone’s mind as the song the
rapper throws jab after jab in with compelling lyrical rhymes.
When listening to the song, three things stand out: passion, talent and society. All these is obviously
influencing Nikki Mbishi’s style; something we must admit he does so effortlessly.
The song begins on a high and maintains the momentum to the very end, leaving listeners yearning for a
climax that isn’t forthcoming.
If you are the kind of person who is wowed by lyrical rhymes, then this music is a definite yes for you!


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